Decorative finishes have been used for centuries to add depth and
dimension to walls; to create the illusion of rare inlaid woods or
marbled surfaces; to add opulence and increase social status through
hand-painted ornamentation.  Today, these same time-tested
techniques are used to create unique and very individualized home
and office environments to express the owner's personality.

CS Designs Studio can turn your ordinary fireplace into a true focal
point; add a one-of-a-kind ambiance to your kitchen cabinets that sets
them apart from the standard cabinets you see in every other home;
create a ceiling that is a true work of art; or paint a custom mural to
turn a niche into a design element rather than a space that is
overlooked.  The applications are unlimited.

CS Designs Studio offers Green alternatives;
decorative finishes that are not only unique and modern but also emit
very low VOCs and filter the air in your living spaces.  These finishes
include natural lime plaster, grass cloth effect plaster, cork and a
plaster utilizing real seashells and coral.  These treatments are not
only fresh, attractive and work exceptionally well with modern decor,
they are on the cutting edge of the decorative painting industry.

If you can imagine it,
CS Designs Studio can create it!
CS Designs Studio
Offering the discriminating individual the finest in
unique specialty finishes for the home or office.